What You Need To Know About SmartGlass

Modern home design emphasizes clean designs and open plan spaces. Smart Glass allows you to create this open floor plan, while still maintaining high levels of privacy at the touch of your fingertips. EuroHomeDirect® offers competitive pricing for Smart Glass with an easy online quotation system for your made to order glass panels.

EuroHomeDirect® Smart Glass uses a simple on/off switch for two modes – transparent (on), and translucent (off). Smart Glass is popular in modern and contemporary designed homes, hotels, and offices, with the glass providing a good alternative to traditional curtains, utilizing a cleaner design and less maintenance. The glass ensures high levels of privacy without having to give up your outside views or open floor planning.

The glass offers high clarity ratings, with 89% visible light transmission, one of the highest in the industry. The high quality glass is absolutely tint free, providing clear views. Longevity is ensured with over 70,000 hours of non-stop testing. The glass is made with super strong tempered 12mm thickness glass, providing excellent soundproofing and durability. The glass panels can be connected to your wall switch, Smart Home system, or mobile phone for easy control.

Panels are made to order, with maximum single panel size 1.9 x 4.3 metres. Multiple panels can be joined to create glass walls and partitions. Get your quote now at