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Grohe Euphoria SmartControl symbol caps for exposed fittings
Sale price$343.99 Regular price$433.96
Save $89.97
Grohe Universal rotary knob for kitchen sink
Sale price$697.22 Regular price$1,060.22
Save $363.00
Grohe Universal cover element for kitchen sink
Sale price$552.18 Regular price$697.48
Save $145.30
Grohe Universal basket strainer for kitchen sink
Sale price$337.09 Regular price$369.12
Save $32.03
Grohe Zedra/Europlus spray 46246
Sale price$1,406.29 Regular price$2,807.37
Save $1,401.08
Grohe Universal push-excenter waste set
Sale price$695.14 Regular price$1,056.96
Save $361.82
Grohe Universal plug for kitchen sink
Sale price$880.67 Regular price$1,338.85
Save $458.18
Grohe Switch electronic shut-off valve for dishwasher
Sale price$1,649.25 Regular price$2,256.50
Save $607.25
Grohe Red mixer valve
Sale price$2,177.07 Regular price$3,331.04
Save $1,153.97
Grohe Red filter with filter head and flowmeter
Sale price$3,215.68 Regular price$3,716.95
Save $501.27
Grohe K800 rotary knob for kitchen sink
Sale price$706.21 Regular price$991.34
Save $285.13