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Gaggenau Fridges & Freezers

Fully integrated refrigerators, fridge-freezers and freezers with multiple climate zones are available in both the Vario 400 series, Vario 200 series, while the cooling 200 series are free-standing appliances.

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Gaggenau Wine Cabinets

Gaggenau has relentlessly developed their wine cooling culture to satisfy the highest demands. With the Gaggenau wine climate cabinets you can always enjoy your wine at the right temperature.

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Gaggenau Ovens

Ovens are the heart of the professional as well as the private kitchen. The iconic Gaggenau EB 333, sculptural 400 series and flush 200 series each provide extraordinary and distinct baking experiences.

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Gaggenau Cooktops

Gaggenau offers a cooktop for every space. The versatility of induction, gas, or glass ceramic cooktops can be combined with the more specialised electric grill, steamer, Teppan Yaki or deep fryer.

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Gaggenau Warming Drawers

The Gaggenau warming drawer 400 series has space for 6 to 12-person dinner sets. The interior is food-safe, illuminated and the temperature range from 40 °C to 80 °C is ideal for defrosting, keeping warm and slow cooking.

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Gaggenau Cooker Hood

Effortless, silent and clever. The Gaggenau ventilation 400 series and 200 series can be controlled manually or automatically, mounted on the ceiling, on the wall, above islands or on the cooktop. Every option is extraordinary.

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Gaggenau Dishwasher

The Gaggenau dishwashers 400 series and 200 series provide clear communication via their TFT displays, as well as handle-free push-to-open doors, projection of the remaining wash cycle time onto the floor and clever loading options.

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Gaggenau Coffee Machine

Gaggenau has reinvented the 400 series coffee machine to make it a must-have item in any luxury kitchen environment. A wide array of coffees and hot milk drinks can be easily created, with the ability to save up to eight personal configurations.

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Gaggenau Washing Machine

The Gaggenau washing machine is the first choice when it comes to fresh laundry. Low water and energy consumption, large volume capacity and an extremely long life are just some of the impressive features that will win you over. It boasts an exceptional A+++ energy rating and has a large porthole with a door that opens a full 180 degrees and a spacious, well lit drum. It offers an intelligent dosage system, anti-stain and anti-crease programmes, plus a top-up capability. This is how precious pieces deserve to be cared for.

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Gaggenau Dryer

The Gaggenau heat pump dryer provides space for up to 8 kg laundry. It features a self-cleaning heat-exchanger, enabling constantly low consumption as well as moisture and time controlled programmes for maximum convenience. It can be perfectly combined with the Gaggenau washing machine. Constant consumption values and maximum convenience – this is the motto of the Gaggenau condenser dryer. Energy efficiency class A++ and humidity- and time-controlled cycles make it an indispensable appliance in every household.

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About Gaggenau Appliances

Gaggenau, a brand synonymous with luxury and innovation, offers an outstanding range of appliances to enhance your dream kitchen in any Hong Kong or Singapore home.

Gaggenau Refrigerators & Fridge

At the core of your culinary hub, Gaggenau's modular refrigeration units provide an array of fully-integrated refrigerators, fridge-freezers, and freezers bearing the signature imprint of the Vario 400 series and the Vario 200 series. They also extend their excellence to wine cooling, acknowledging the demands of wine enthusiasts with wine climate cabinets that keep your bottles at ideal temperatures and humidity levels.

Baking Offerings

Aesthetics also interweave with functionality in Gaggenau's baking offerings. From the iconic Gaggenau EB 333 to their sculptural 400 series and the streamlined 200 series, Gaggenau supplies a multitude of distinct baking experiences that redefine your kitchen experience.

Flexibility continues with varied cooktop options that cater to diverse cooking styles. Gaggenau offers a medley of induction glass ceramic cooktops, which can be combined with more specialised electric grill, steamer, Teppanyaki, or deep fryer units.

Gaggenau's kitchen functionalities further extend to an accommodating warming drawer that can fit a 6 to a 12-person dinner set, providing temperature ranges that are perfect for defrosting, keeping warm, and slow cooking.

Ventilation holds paramount importance in a kitchen, and Gaggenau's 400 series and 200 series provide manual or automatic control, facilitating use as ceiling mounts, wall mounts, or directly on the cooktop. These units seamlessly combine efficiency with intelligent design.

Dishwashers and Coffee Machines

Gaggenau dishwashers from the 400 and 200 series offer smart TFT displays, handle-free push-to-open doors, floor-projected wash cycle times, and pragmatic loading options. In the realm of appliances for kitchen fittings, Gaggenau reinvents the coffee machine experience with personalised configurations which include an assortment of coffees and hot milk beverages.

Innovative Washing Machines and Dryers

Their innovative washing machines prioritise longevity, efficiency, and a liberal volume capacity. Equipped with an exceptional A+++ energy rating and intelligent dosage, stain and crease programmes, they take laundry care to a new level.

Continuing laundry efficiency, Gaggenau dryers present up to 8 kg laundry capacity, and features including a self-cleaning heat-exchanger, humidity and time-controlled programs, and a perfect facilitation with Gaggenau washing machines.

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