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Bosch Oven

Bosch built-in oven saves you straining your back when you’re putting the roast in the oven or want to see whether your cake is ready yet. With it, you can always keep an eye on your culinary masterpieces. Choose from an incredibly wide range of models of all different sizes and use the space in your kitchen just as you want.

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Bosch Hobs

Bosch induction hobs can’t perform miracles but they do perform faster than conventional hobs. A Bosch induction hob can bring 2 litres of water to the boil twice as quickly as a ceramic hob. So you can serve dinner faster using less energy. Leaving you more time to enjoy yourself.

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Bosch Range Hood

Bosch cooker hood offers a whole new level of freedom and flexibility in designing your new kitchen. Regardless of whether your kitchen is large, small, open-plan or closed-plan; whether your hob is placed underneath a cabinet, a slanted ceiling or a window: Bosch will always provide you with your favourite combination of hob and ventilation module.

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Bosch Coffee Machines

Bosch built-in filter coffee machines and fully automatic coffee machines offer coffee perfectionists maximum flavor & convenience, providing guaranteed coffee indulgence. Thanks to their innovative technology, coffee, espresso, latte macchiato & more are always perfectly crafted, just as if they were made by a professional barista.

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Bosch Refrigerators

Bosch fridge-freezers not only make everyday life tastier, they also make it easier: Clear shelving, spacious boxes, ingenious dividers and perfect lightings mean that your everyday grocery browsing will be easier. The innovative stay-fresh systems in our Bosch fridge-freezers provide the best cooling technology for every type of food.

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Bosch Wine Coolers

Bosch’s wine fridge offers 2 adjustable temperature zones for a maximum space for your wine at the perfect temperature. With Bosch’s high-quality ColorGlass, your kitchen will look beautifully uniform and elegant.

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Bosch Dishwasher

Bosch dishwashers are designed to maximize space and flexibility, giving you the space you need to organize your dishes and clean them more efficiently. We test every dishwasher rigorously. Every sheet of metal, every hinge, every screw and bolt is used, stressed, flooded, and heated before our dishwashers go into production to ensure Bosch’s dishwasher durable.

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Bosch Washing and Drying

Before a washing machine leaves our factory, we test every tiny detail and subject it to endless stress tests to make sure our washing machines meet our standards. Bosch washing machines make life easier for you. Thanks to the automatic programmes, they’re not only clear and simple to operate, they also provide the best results with the lowest levels of consumption.

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Bosch Freezers

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Bosch Microwaves

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Bosch Warming Drawers

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Bosch Dryers

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About Bosch Appliances

Perfect for hardworking individuals living in bustling cities like Hong Kong and Singapore, Bosch presents itself as a beacon of accessible luxury and convenience with its innovative range of household appliances.

Built-in Ovens and Induction Hobs

Engineered to augment your culinary skills, Bosch’s built-in ovens offer unparalleled accessibility, allowing you to keep a close eye on your preparations without any extra stress. Complementing these essential kitchen fittings are their induction hobs, expertly designed for speed and energy efficiency. A Bosch induction hob brings your meals to the table quicker, freeing up your time for leisure or relaxation.

Cooker Hoods and Coffee Machines

Curating a harmonious kitchen environment, Bosch offers a variety of cooker hoods that introduce an enhanced level of aesthetic freedom to your kitchen design. Providing practical solutions for all kinds of kitchen setups, these cooker hoods complement your hob and ventilation needs effectively. For busy mornings, Bosch’s filter coffee machines and fully automatic coffee machines present guaranteed indulgence for coffee lovers, crafting drinks akin to those by professional baristas.

Fridge-Freezers and Wine Fridges

In the context of preserving everyday essentials, Bosch fridge-freezers set the stage with spacious and cleverly designed shelves and compartments. Many of Bosch’s fridge-freezers are optimised with VitaFresh technology to provide the best cooling and humidity conditions for all types of food. Dedicated to serving wine enthusiasts, Bosch’s wine fridge offers adjustable temperature zones, ensuring your wines always stay at their perfect temperature.

Dishwashers and Washing Machines

Reliability extends beyond their kitchen fittings – Bosch’s dishwashers are designed with flexibility and space maximisation in mind. Rigorously tested down to the smallest component, Bosch dishwashers ensure efficient cleaning and durability. Just as trustworthy are Bosch’s washing machines, championing their commitment to stress-testing. These machines simplify your daily life in Hong Kong or Singapore with automatic programs that yield the best results with minimum consumption.

The Bosch Experience

Incorporating Bosch into your home's kitchen delivers a seamless and efficient experience. Bosch promises to bring not just top-tier appliances, but a lifestyle transformation that guarantees convenience, performance, and ease.

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