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Molteni & C Large
Molteni & C LargeMolteni & C

Top level technology for the structural elements to guarantee maximum comfort. Comfort which comes of the new generation heat sensitive foam which models itself and distributes weight with optimum efficiency.

Molteni & C Still
Molteni & C StillMolteni & C

The Foster+Partners studio designed a distinctively shaped sofa, an authentic example of architecture tailored around the exactness of the frame and based on the balance of proportions. The linear model is flanked by a curved version, with comfortable back, designed to be placed in the centre of a room.

Molteni & C Freestyle
Molteni & C FreestyleMolteni & C

Maximum modularity for this agile and versatile system. Linear and corner elements, classic or cushioned armrests, trapezoidal terminal elements and island units, seats and backrests of various sizes for symmetric or asymmetric combinations, additional cushions and different fabrics for monochromatic effects or in alternating tones.

Molteni & C Paul
Molteni & C PaulMolteni & C

Paul is a set of elegantly proportioned sofas with reassuring lines, elements that emphasize Vincent Van Duysen?€?s expressive rationality. The project includes linear sofas, angular compositions, chaises longues and islands, all with a single seat cushion.

Molteni & C Oz
Molteni & C OzMolteni & C

Oz, a product that from ?€?sofa?€? is easily converted into a comfortable bed. A newly developed mechanism opens a 200cm bed base. The transition from one function to the other entails extraction of the bed base and ?€?magical?€? disappearance of the lateral armrests under the frame, converting the sofa into a real bed made only of the headrest and back. The back too has three positions to allow correct use for the chosen function.

Molteni & C Reversi
Molteni & C ReversiMolteni & C

Reversi , design Studio HannesWettstein: Stephan Huerlemann e Simon Husslein, a modular, linear sofa which builds on previous experience in a project that keeps pace with current trends. A demand for more softness, wide armrests, and high-tech padding. The seating depth is adjustable thanks to the movement of the backrest mechanism, and allows you to create, both a workspace and a welcoming relaxing space in a single sofa.

Molteni & C Lido
Molteni & C LidoMolteni & C

Hannes Wettstein conceives an armchair and a sofa with balanced and classical forms, of great softness and comfort but with a Nordic rigor. Available in fibre or feather seats, and a completely removable leather or fabric upholstery.

Molteni & C Holiday
Molteni & C HolidayMolteni & C

Ferruccio Laviani proposes a new concept sofa: narrative, evocative, less basic, more decorative, based on emotional comfort. Holiday features a wrap-around back against which the cushions are arranged, a light frame, chic, comfy, characterful seats, sartorial techniques for the details, and a host of different fabrics and leathers.

Molteni & C Controra
Molteni & C ControraMolteni & C

World premiere of Ron Gilad with “soft” objects. Three pieces characterized by very simple design but elegant in every detail, for this collection of sofas, armchairs and Controra benches enphasis the contrast. Its name comes from an Italian word used to indicate the early hours of the afternoon, traditionally given over to rest. A simple wooden structure, in black oak or American walnut. Its original continuous overhanging headrests and armrests provide a natural housing for seating while creating a wonderfully cosy space.

Molteni & C Hi-Bridge
Molteni & C Hi-BridgeMolteni & C

Large-size seats for handy and comfortable use. A very versatile system made up of plain, linear shapes. Ferruccio Laviani designs a line of seats for today?€?s homes with the absolute elegance of classic style. The cushions set causally on top overlap the continuous profile of the backrest to create different seat configurations. The seats project from the overall shape of the load bearing structures, protecting the base and emphasizing the comfort of the large seat surfaces. Large end elements to suit a sofa understood as a welcoming shelter to lie down in.

Molteni & C Night&Day
Molteni & C Night&DayMolteni & C

Night&Day is the seating system that?€?s reflects contemporary life, associating refined design with a strong character. Thanks to the design?€?s extreme flexibility it is possible to organise personal space. A thin structure, with reclining backrest, supports soft feather seat cushions and accessories like small tables and containers are completing the program.

Good Design Award (USA), 2009

Molteni & C Portfolio
Molteni & C PortfolioMolteni & C

A sofa with classic almost elementary shapes, in which bent and laser cut steel and structural details reveals a modern spirit. Portfolio is a system of sofas which can be modular or fixed, suitable for smaller spaces too thanks to the elements reduced depth Portfolio is also modular thanks to numerous elements.

Molteni & C Chelsea
Molteni & C ChelseaMolteni & C

With the Chelsea sofa, Rodolfo Dordoni extends his idea of comfort from the dining room to the living area. Solid wood structure, enveloping seat, large cushions in goose down, is a contemporary reassessment of the most elegant reading or meditation bergere.

Molteni & C Reversi Xl
Molteni & C Reversi XlMolteni & C

Reversi XL, design Studio Hannes Wettstein, is a new version with a deeper seat (112 cm) compared to the Reversi. A modular sofa, attentive to the latest trends for soft divans with generous armrests, cushions and hi-tech padding. Available in fabric or leather and suitable for a maximum customisation.

Molteni & C Skin
Molteni & C SkinMolteni & C

A texture crossed by light and suspended in space. The result of many years of collaboration between Jean Nouvel and Molteni&C, SKiN is a self supporting hide leather cover with a special pattern. Leather without body reshapes itself over time so that innovation and memory hold the same form.

Red Dot Award Best of the Best, 2008 / ADI Index, 2008 / ELLE DECOR Design Award, 2008

Molteni & C Turner
Molteni & C TurnerMolteni & C

Formal moment or relaxing space? Turner, the seating system designed by Hannes Wettstein, combines comfort with refinement. Settees in various sizes, corner pieces, chaises-longue and pouf can be combined together to create different furnishing solutions. Turner responds to varying needs in terms of comfort and posture, thanks to an easy mechanism which adjusts the depth of the seating.

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