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Alape AB.R800 countertop washbasinAlape AB.R800 countertop washbasin
Sale price$9,156.08 Regular price$12,971.83
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Alape AB.K countertop washbasinAlape AB.K countertop washbasin
Sale priceFrom $5,127.60 Regular price$7,270.63
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Alape AB.KE countertop washbasinAlape AB.KE countertop washbasin
Sale priceFrom $5,175.87 Regular price$8,151.43
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Alape Stream EB.SR650 drop-in washbasinAlape Stream EB.SR650 drop-in washbasin
Sale price$4,171.19 Regular price$6,565.99
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Alape Piccolo Novo wash placeAlape Piccolo Novo wash place
Sale priceFrom $9,029.84 Regular price$15,550.18
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Alape Scopio WT.CO400/H hand washbasinAlape Scopio WT.CO400/H hand washbasin
Sale price$11,608.21 Regular price$18,272.66
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Alape UB.O undermount washbasinAlape UB.O undermount washbasin
Sale priceFrom $2,746.76 Regular price$4,323.94
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Alape Terra washbowlAlape Terra washbowl
Sale priceFrom $5,839.75 Regular price$9,192.38
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Alape WT.RS washbasin
Sale price$9,301.30
Alape EB.R drop-in washbasinAlape EB.R drop-in washbasin
Sale priceFrom $2,570.85 Regular price$4,339.96
Save $1,769.11 Choose options
Alape EB.KE400 Unisono drop-in washbasin
Sale price$8,138.99
Alape WT.RX washbasin, freestanding, rectangularAlape WT.RX washbasin, freestanding, rectangular
Sale priceFrom $19,513.12 Regular price$30,716.00
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Alape WT.RX washbasin with wall console, roundAlape WT.RX washbasin with wall console, round
Sale priceFrom $18,190.38 Regular price$28,634.10
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Alape SB.K washbowlAlape SB.K washbowl
Sale priceFrom $3,751.29 Regular price$6,005.48
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Alape Aqua washbowlAlape Aqua washbowl
Sale priceFrom $6,663.64 Regular price$10,489.56
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Alape WT.RX totem washbasinAlape WT.RX totem washbasin
Sale priceFrom $22,585.33 Regular price$35,552.41
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Alape Metaphor EB.ME750 drop-in washbasin
Sale price$12,177.79 Regular price$19,169.48
Save $6,991.69
Alape Bicolor WT.RX400.KE freestanding washbasin Ø 32.5 H: 90 cm
Sale price$35,180.37 Regular price$55,378.49
Save $20,198.12
Alape Metaphor EB.ME500 drop-in washbasin
Sale price$11,130.01 Regular price$17,519.97
Save $6,389.96
Alape Metallic WT.RX400K totem washbasin
Sale price$28,648.98 Regular price$45,097.11
Save $16,448.13
Alape UB.ME undermount washbasinAlape UB.ME undermount washbasin
Sale priceFrom $10,845.15 Regular price$17,071.56
Save $6,226.41 Choose options
Alape WT.QS450HX washbasin white
Sale price$18,627.99 Regular price$29,322.73
Save $10,694.74
Alape AG.STAHLFORM505 utility basin
Sale price$946.51 Regular price$1,873.71
Save $927.20
Alape Bicolor AB.KE400 countertop basin Ø 40 cm
Sale price$9,247.87 Regular price$14,557.27
Save $5,309.40
Alape Stream SB.SR650 washbowlAlape Stream SB.SR650 washbowl
Sale priceFrom $9,858.05 Regular price$13,980.75
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Alape Sondo UB.SO450.2 undermount washbasin for HPL countertops
Sale price$8,057.24 Regular price$12,683.56
Save $4,626.32
Alape Metallic SB.K360.GS washbowl
Sale price$7,355.56 Regular price$11,578.56
Save $4,223.00
Alape Sondo UB.SO450.1 undermount washbasin for HPL countertops white
Sale price$7,691.19 Regular price$12,107.04
Save $4,415.85
Alape Sondo UB.SO450.2 undermount washbasin
Sale price$8,057.24 Regular price$12,683.56
Save $4,626.32
Alape UB.RE700.4 undermount washbasin
Sale price$7,162.07 Regular price$11,274.28
Save $4,112.21
Alape WT.IC325/H hand washbasin
Sale price$5,758.42 Regular price$9,064.26
Save $3,305.84
Alape Scopio SB.CO375 washbowl
Sale price$6,358.55 Regular price$9,016.22
Save $2,657.67
Alape UB.Q450 undermount washbasin white
Sale price$6,358.41 Regular price$10,009.13
Save $3,650.72
Alape Metallic UB.O525 undermount basin
Sale price$4,415.45 Regular price$6,950.34
Save $2,534.89
Alape Metallic UB.K400 undermount basin
Sale price$4,059.31 Regular price$6,389.83
Save $2,330.52
Alape UB.K325 undermount washbasin white
Sale price$2,665.43 Regular price$4,195.83
Save $1,530.40