About Us

EuroHomeDirect® is an international eCommerce-company that offers consumers worldwide the exciting opportunity to purchase luxury home renovation products of all major high-end brands directly from Europe. We are a pure online retailer with flat structures and efficient organization so our prices are very competitive.

EuroHomeDirect® strives to be your one-stop home renovation outlet offering you a full range of high-end luxury appliances, sanitary, furniture and sci-fi gadgets such as smart glass or smart home systems.

Our warehouses in Germany & UK will promptly process and ship your orders worldwide. We also provide professional installation services as an add-on to your purchase in Hong Kong & Singapore should you require. With a full range of home products for you to select and a team of friendly consultants to assist, we are sure you will find a suitable solution for your application.

Why Us?

With warehouses based in Europe, we have the most complete stock of products ready to ship worldwide. Even products that require months of wait time at your local retailers or hard to source European-specific models, you can count on us for having them available for you.

What’s more? We strive to price our products competitively to ensure you pay the same retail prices as you would in Europe! You will not pay a premium over local European consumers just because you are living on a different continent. That’s the kind of guarantee you have when you shop with us!