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Liebherr Built-In Fridge

Liebherr built-in refrigerators and freezers are characterised by ingenious technology and come in a wide range of sizes. When designing our built-in appliances, particular emphasis is placed on combining energy efficiency with highly useful, innovative features.

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Liebherr Free Standing Fridge

Liebherr offers a wide range of freestanding and table-height refrigerators with a host of useful features. The spacious fruit and vegetable compartments are particularly practical for storing larger items. The height-adjustable and scratch-resistant GlassLine shelves are made from safety glass and are exceptionally easy-to-clean.

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Liebherr Built-In Wine Fridge

Getting the temperature just right plays an important role in wine enjoyment – and this is true in terms of both long-term storage temperature and serving temperature. Liebherr wine storage cabinets and multi-temperature wine cabinets provide perfect storage solutions; offering a climate in which wine can be stored under precisely controlled conditions, and be protected against harmful environmental influences. Several sizes and door solutions are available, so that Liebherr built-in wine cabinets can be easily integrated into existing kitchen set-ups.

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Liebherr Free Standing Wine Fridge

Liebherr wine storage cabinets have a constant interior temperature to facilitate optimal aging of high-quality wines and to provide the most suitable long-term storage conditions. The interior temperature can be set to between +5°C and +20°C, as required, and this therefore means that a large number of wine bottles can be kept at their perfect serving temperature. Liebherr offers wine storage cabinets in several sizes and with a variety of features.

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