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Grohe thermo element Grohmix 47111 as from the year 1981, expanding material 1/2"
Sale price$3,271.83 Regular price$5,292.89
Save $2,021.06
Grohe spray 46731
Sale price$1,095.35 Regular price$1,445.35
Save $350.00
Grohe supply stop 43405
Sale price$1,832.19 Regular price$2,310.14
Save $477.95
Grohe solenoid valve 43532 for Eurodisc SE concealed shower mixer
Sale price$3,200.97 Regular price$5,164.77
Save $1,963.80
Grohe Grohtherm Cube escutcheon for concealed shower system
Sale price$2,813.16 Regular price$5,165.55
Save $2,352.39
Grohe plug transformer 43016 230V AC / 12V AC 50 Hz
Sale price$2,193.50 Regular price$3,942.85
Save $1,749.35
Grohe spout 13007, chrome
Sale price$1,874.46 Regular price$3,099.67
Save $1,225.21
Grohe replacement cap for handle for Atrio thermostat
Sale price$1,473.96 Regular price$1,823.32
Save $349.36
Grohe spray hose bracket
Sale price$1,574.40 Regular price$2,899.42
Save $1,325.02
Grohe extractable spray for Minta single lever kitchen mixer
Sale price$1,110.70 Regular price$1,823.32
Save $712.62
Grohe shower hose, metal L: 125 cm
Sale price$1,168.17 Regular price$1,445.35
Save $277.18
Grohe diverter knob 46721 chrome
Sale price$1,086.29 Regular price$1,445.35
Save $359.06
Grohe mixing lever
Sale price$13,019.67 Regular price$21,490.03
Save $8,470.36
Grohe Selection glass shelf without holder
Sale price$1,805.13 Regular price$1,921.75
Save $116.62
Grohe lever for Minta kitchen fittingGrohe lever for Minta kitchen fitting
Sale priceFrom $806.17 Regular price$1,445.35
Save $639.18 Choose options
Grohe Universal waste valve including cup
Sale price$1,312.00 Regular price$1,699.89
Save $387.89
Grohe Atrio temperature control handle 06676 for thermostatic mixer, chrome
Sale price$1,324.97 Regular price$1,445.35
Save $120.38
Grohe Headpart 1"
Sale price$1,469.77 Regular price$1,857.69
Save $387.92
Grohe handle for shut-off valve
Sale price$1,506.04 Regular price$1,821.63
Save $315.59
Grohe thermo element
Sale price$1,905.57 Regular price$2,359.74
Save $454.17
Grohe replacement pipe for shower system, 15 cm longer than the original pipe
Sale price$1,246.01 Regular price$2,448.67
Save $1,202.66
Grohe spray 46592
Sale price$1,199.42 Regular price$2,668.84
Save $1,469.42
Grohe Waste vent pneumatic
Sale price$1,260.66 Regular price$1,575.81
Save $315.15
Grohe Aquadimmer 12433 for Chiara thermostats
Sale price$1,344.78 Regular price$1,823.32
Save $478.54
Grohe thermo element Grohmix 47012 as from the year 1979, expanding material 1/2"
Sale price$2,898.25 Regular price$5,194.33
Save $2,296.08
Grohe Blue Professional pressure indicator
Sale price$2,077.57 Regular price$4,184.63
Save $2,107.06
Grohe toilet actuation Skate Air 42304, chrome
Sale price$1,190.63 Regular price$1,735.96
Save $545.33
Grohe Zedra/Europlus spray 46312Grohe Zedra/Europlus spray 46312
Sale priceFrom $1,380.21 Regular price$1,823.32
Save $443.11 Choose options
Grohe thermo element, reversed hot water, 47175 1/2"
Sale price$2,021.91 Regular price$4,304.67
Save $2,282.76
Grohe Allure aquadimmer
Sale price$1,484.00 Regular price$1,822.41
Save $338.41
Grohe thermostatic compact cartridge 1/2"
Sale price$1,572.17 Regular price$1,926.57
Save $354.40
Grohe extension set 25 mm
Sale price$1,507.58 Regular price$1,823.32
Save $315.74