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Duravit Bluebox reversing adapter
Sale price$1,291.91 Regular price$2,113.93
Save $822.02
Duravit Bluebox extension set
Sale price$1,291.91 Regular price$2,113.93
Save $822.02
Grohe Zedra rinsing spray
Sale price$1,998.31 Regular price$3,782.70
Save $1,784.39
Grohe spray supersteel
Sale price$2,458.05 Regular price$5,297.58
Save $2,839.53
Grohe spray hose bracket
Sale price$1,469.44 Regular price$2,320.55
Save $851.11
Grohe spray 46731
Sale price$1,022.33 Regular price$1,554.98
Save $532.65
Grohe spray 46710
Sale price$1,235.21 Regular price$1,878.53
Save $643.32
Grohe spray 46656
Sale price$1,081.05 Regular price$1,643.91
Save $562.86
Grohe spray 46592
Sale price$1,119.46 Regular price$1,701.58
Save $582.12
Grohe spout 225x121 13049
Sale price$1,015.30 Regular price$1,425.30
Save $410.00
Grohe spout 13966 210x120
Sale price$1,315.93 Regular price$1,847.28
Save $531.35
Grohe spout 13230
Sale price$1,989.33 Regular price$3,142.12
Save $1,152.79
Grohe spout 13176
Sale price$1,889.46 Regular price$3,750.67
Save $1,861.21
Grohe spout 13118
Sale price$2,278.24 Regular price$4,548.15
Save $2,269.91
Grohe spout 13007
Sale price$1,376.60 Regular price$2,992.39
Save $1,615.79
Grohe spout 06417 chrome
Sale price$1,154.49 Regular price$1,755.23
Save $600.74
Grohe solenoid valve 42390
Sale price$1,376.60 Regular price$2,831.33
Save $1,454.73
Grohe shower hose
Sale price$1,090.29 Regular price$1,530.24
Save $439.95
Grohe retractable shower
Sale price$1,455.24 Regular price$2,489.42
Save $1,034.18
Grohe Red boiler size M
Sale price$8,568.59 Regular price$11,729.07
Save $3,160.48
Grohe Red boiler size L
Sale price$8,881.85 Regular price$12,902.17
Save $4,020.32
Grohe pump for Zedra soap dispenser
Sale price$1,735.95 Regular price$2,741.75
Save $1,005.80
Grohe Minta U-shaped spout 13096
Sale price$1,690.78 Regular price$2,670.40
Save $979.62
Grohe K4 spray 46575
Sale price$1,287.68 Regular price$2,576.79
Save $1,289.11
Grohe handle 46652
Sale price$1,365.67 Regular price$1,916.93
Save $551.26
Grohe extractable spray for Minta single lever kitchen mixer
Sale price$1,036.65 Regular price$1,575.81
Save $539.16
Grohe extractable spray 46590
Sale price$1,436.36 Regular price$2,184.37
Save $748.01
Grohe control unit
Sale price$3,231.69 Regular price$6,429.93
Save $3,198.24
Grohe cap 08842
Sale price$1,482.85 Regular price$2,081.90
Save $599.05
Grohe Blue Professional pressure indicator
Sale price$1,939.07 Regular price$3,317.37
Save $1,378.30
Grohe Alira lever 46513
Sale price$1,915.37 Regular price$3,766.69
Save $1,851.32
Grohe Blue Professional cooler and carbonator
Sale price$13,946.50 Regular price$20,341.80
Save $6,395.30
Grohe Blue Home cooler
Sale price$10,806.34 Regular price$15,617.49
Save $4,811.15
Grohe lever for Minta kitchen fitting chromeGrohe lever for Minta kitchen fitting chrome
Sale priceFrom $752.43 Regular price$1,056.18
Save $303.75 Choose options
Grohe Zedra/Europlus spray 46312Grohe Zedra/Europlus spray 46312
Sale priceFrom $1,288.20 Regular price$1,958.60
Save $670.40 Choose options
Grohe Zedra lever 46309 for kitchen mixerGrohe Zedra lever 46309 for kitchen mixer
Sale priceFrom $959.58 Regular price$1,346.79
Save $387.21 Choose options

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