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Grohe thermo element Grohmix 47111 as from the year 1981, expanding material 1/2"
Sale price$3,271.83 Regular price$5,292.89
Save $2,021.06
Grohe spray 46731
Sale price$1,095.35 Regular price$1,445.35
Save $350.00
Grohe supply stop 43405
Sale price$1,832.19 Regular price$2,310.14
Save $477.95
Dornbracht dispenser
Sale priceFrom $1,852.56 Regular price$2,352.58
Save $500.02 Choose options
Villeroy & Boch Steel Expert replacement shower head
Sale price$1,232.90 Regular price$2,145.96
Save $913.06
Villeroy & Boch replacement waste and overflow set for Oberon 2.0 Badewanbathne
Sale price$2,593.72 Regular price$2,966.61
Save $372.89
Villeroy & Boch hinges with automatic soft-close for Subway toilet seat Compact
Sale price$1,014.86 Regular price$1,031.97
Save $17.11
Villeroy & Boch siphon for Architectura urinal
Sale price$1,448.01 Regular price$1,472.04
Save $24.03
Villeroy & Boch Subway 2.0 Soft Closing package
Sale price$1,019.33 Regular price$1,036.52
Save $17.19
Villeroy & Boch waste and overflow set for Squaro Edge 12 rectangular bath
Sale price$3,373.67 Regular price$3,858.87
Save $485.20
Villeroy & Boch buffer for Hommage toilet seat
Sale price$1,010.96 Regular price$1,027.80
Save $16.84
Villeroy & Boch Subway 2.0 non-closing valve
Sale price$1,144.18 Regular price$1,489.36
Save $345.18
Villeroy & Boch Corano hand shower for single lever kitchen mixer
Sale price$1,280.47 Regular price$2,049.87
Save $769.40
Villeroy & Boch Steel Shower hand shower for single lever kitchen mixer
Sale price$1,060.62 Regular price$1,825.66
Save $765.04
Villeroy & Boch countertop for Legato vanity unit
Sale price$8,662.67 Regular price$12,651.53
Save $3,988.86
Villeroy & Boch door front incl. handle for Venticello unit
Sale price$3,672.76 Regular price$5,028.58
Save $1,355.82
Villeroy & Boch assembly set for Squaro UDQ1290SQR2
Sale price$1,859.81 Regular price$2,127.08
Save $267.27
Villeroy & Boch Como Switch shower headVilleroy & Boch Como Switch shower head
Sale priceFrom $1,339.20 Regular price$2,594.37
Save $1,255.17 Choose options
Villeroy & Boch glass shelf for Subway tall unit
Sale price$1,629.22 Regular price$2,177.99
Save $548.77
Villeroy & Boch Steel Expert fitting handle
Sale price$1,148.09 Regular price$1,569.43
Save $421.34
Villeroy & Boch Squaro Infinity waste cap for shower trayVilleroy & Boch Squaro Infinity waste cap for shower tray
Sale priceFrom $1,118.09 Regular price$1,146.28
Save $28.19 Choose options
Villeroy & Boch water inlet integrated in the overflow for Squaro Edge 12
Sale price$4,285.30 Regular price$6,389.83
Save $2,104.53
Hansgohe tool to remove handle
Sale price$1,432.53
Hansgrohe Croma 100 multi replacement hand shower
Sale price$1,381.33 Regular price$1,516.57
Save $135.24 Choose options