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Siemens Steam Oven & Microwave

You’ll be amazed at how intelligent home appliances can be and how modern electronics can help you cook and bake. Ovens take care of many cooking, baking and cleanup tasks automatically – almost better than we could do ourselves. They can even detect just how long your roast needs to cook for.,

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Siemens Hobs

Be as flexible as your life is versatile. If you want to cook at the highest level, you need certain ingredients. The most important are a feeling for time, precision and flexibility. Siemens induction cooktops look particularly impressive in an open plan living space.,

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Siemens Range Hood

With the distinctive Siemens design using glass and chrome lines, our ventilation systems create a design statement that seamlessly harmonizes with other Siemens appliances. Whether wall-mounted, hung over an island, integrated into a hob or hidden in the counter, our range of ventilation systems gives you creative freedom. All Siemens cooker hoods provide a powerful performance.,

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Siemens Coffee Machine

Siemens fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines were developed for people who want to experience their perfect coffee moment every day. With the Siemens fully-automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines, every sip becomes a moment of pure enjoyment. Add to that the sleek and modern design and the innovative aroma technology, and the result is ultimate coffee perfection and precision.,

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Siemens Dishwasher

Siemens dishwashers feature modern design and innovative ideas that make life easier. Fall in love with maximum flexibility. Thanks to practical functions, such as height-adjustable side parts and foldable flip tines, everything finds its place – from the largest ladles the the smallest teaspoons. Whether you’re serving dinner to your family or hosting a party for friends, Siemens dishwashers ensure your dishes will be sparkling – in a flash.,

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Siemens Fridge & Freezers

Siemens refrigerators and freezers are the best way to store food flexibly and properly. From Siemens’ smallest built-in refrigerator to the most impressive side-by-side models, all bring you more freshness and convenience. In 1930, Siemens created the first fridge using dry absorption. Ever since, Siemens have been combining tomorrow’s technologies with distinctive design. Siemens fridges and freezers are not only timelessly elegant but also take you to the future.,

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Siemens Wine Cooler

Connoisseurs know that wine has to be at the right temperature to develop its full flavour. Wine coolers and storage cabinets from Siemens keep it at the right temperature for maximum enjoyment.,

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Siemens Washing Machines & Dryer

Comfort, performance and energy-efficiency: Siemens washing machines always offer you state-of-the-art technology. Innovative functions not only provide optimal results, they also make your life easier. With their unique technical features, the innovative washing machines from Siemens are absolute pros when it comes to optimal, efficient laundry care.

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Siemens Freezers

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Siemens Microwaves

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Siemens Warming Drawers

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Siemens Washing Dryers

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About Siemens Home Appliances

Siemens home appliances beautifully blend intelligent technology with contemporary aesthetics, crafted to simplify and enhance your lifestyle.

Siemens Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen shines as a testament to Siemens’ emphasis on ease and precision. Their steam ovens are a marvel of automated convenience, performing multiple cooking and baking tasks, and even calculating the cooking time for your roast. Complementing this is the versatility of Siemens' induction cooktops, combining precision control and stunning design, which is particularly striking in open-plan spaces.

Ventilation Systems

Ready to complete the holistic kitchen experience are Siemens ventilation systems. The integration of glass and chrome lines lends a distinctive appeal, harmonising gloriously with other Siemens home appliances. Whether they're wall-mounted, over an island, or integrated into an induction hob, they not only offer creative installation freedom but deliver high-performance extraction.

Coffee Machines and Dishwashers

Catering to the modern coffee connoisseur, Siemens' fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines bring a touch of luxury to your daily routine. Sleek design meets innovative aroma technology to deliver a precise brew and pure coffee delight. To enhance your cleaning processes, Siemens dishwashers add modern design and innovative functionality to your kitchen. Flexible layouts accommodate everything from the largest ladles to the smallest teaspoons, ensuring sparkling clean dishes every time.

Built-in Refrigerators and Freezers

Siemens built-in refrigerators and freezers, whether the smallest built-in model or the impressive side-by-side designs, provide flexible and appropriate food storage solutions. Each piece is a union of freshness, convenience, and a timeless aesthetic that echoes Siemens' heritage in pioneering advanced cooling technologies.

Siemens Home Appliances and Fittings

The range of Siemens home appliances for your dream kitchen exemplify a dedication to intelligent engineering and elegant design. They offer a seamless integration of technology into the contemporary home and bathroom, delivering convenience, style, and performance in equal measure. Siemens' products serve to make daily life just that little bit more extraordinary.

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