Best Luxury Sofa: Poliform vs. Natuzzi

The sofa is the centerpiece of the living space. A sofa is the starting point for how you design the rest of your living room, and by extension, your home. Good sofas should be comfortable, stylish, and versatile. Sometimes, its hard to find a sofa that can live up to your expectations, so we’ve curated a list of the best sofas from our two favourite brands, Natuzzi and Poliform, to help you find the dream sofa you’ve always been wanting.

Poliform is well-known for their contemporary and elegant designs. The family-run business places emphasis on functionality, modernity, and comfort in their products. Each hand-made product uses high-quality materials, and the attention to detail on each product ensure that Poliform is at the forefront of the furniture industry.


Their Poliform Airport design by Paola Navone is highly sophisticated and provides a strong sense of comfort and softness to your living space. The Airport sofa was designed to be unobtrusive yet comforting, while still being highly luxurious. The wood interior with polyester padding and feather cushions, as well as the highly customizable furnishings (over 40+ selections in premium fabric and leather coverings) create a strong sense of individuality in your living space. The sofa is available for different arrangements to suit your needs for your living room, while still maintaining a clean and modern aura.

Poliform Airport
Our rating: 7.5/10

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Poliform Shangai by Carlo Colombo plays on the classic sofa design but with a freer composition The sofa lays close to the ground to help create an illusion of space for your apartment, while being as comfortable as possible. The base of the sofa is high-quality aluminum brill, though you can chose to be painted in matt or glossy brown nickel colouring to better fit the style of your living room. The Shangai sofa is highly versatile with over 10 possible arrangements and 40+ furnishing options in leather or fabric. The modern and elegant design is a must-have for any modern living space.

Poliform Shangai
Our rating: 9/10

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Poliform Dune by Carlo Colombo brings a minimal edge to your living room. The sleek and contemporary design takes inspiration from classic sofa styles, creating a timeless piece that perfectly complements any living space. Dune has multiple arrangements and sizing options available, making it highly adaptable to your needs and desires. The sofa has 40+ furnishings in leather or fabric, each designed with high quality materials which help elevate this minimal design sofa.

Poliform Dune
Our rating: 8.5/10

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In contrast, Poliform Bristol, by Jean-Marie Massaud, plays emphasis on comfort. Soft round shapes, and large cushions curate an overall theme of ultimate cosiness, while still maintaining a high edge of luxury through the use of high-end materials. Flexible polyurethane and feather padding provide to the serenity of the sofa along with the 40+ furnishings in leather or fabric available. The wraparound double backrest cushions help bring an edge to the design as well as ensuring comfort. Bristol is great for creating a comfortable and welcoming living space.

Poliform Bristol
Our rating: 10/10

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Natuzzi is Italy’s largest furniture house, and is well known for their use of creating comfortable and functional designs. Natuzzi is the number one brand for electric recliners, and they creates practical sofas, that keep comfort paramount in your home. Natuzzi products come at competitive prices in comparison to Poliform, due to their use of less expensive materials. However, the comfort and design of their products are not compromised, and their products are still innovative and sought after in the furniture market.

Natuzzi Philo uses clean and simple lines to create a modern sofa. The key feature of this sofa is its unique all-over quilting pattern, and metal feet, which provide a sense of timelessness. The Philo sofa is able to be reclined into a chaise-longue at the touch of a single finger, making it the perfect sofa for those lazy days at home. 200+ options are available for finishes in leather or fabric, and the sofa is available in corner or in-line configurations.

Natuzzi Philo
Our rating: 8/10

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Natuzzi Algo plays with the juxtaposition of soft and sleek. Metal feet and square lines but soft padding and armrest quilting work together to create a homely yet sophisticated design. An adjustable headrest and pull out footrest ensure ultimate versatility, along with the options of 200+ furnishings, with optional contrasting seam colour to help bring a new layer to your living space.

Natuzzi Algo
Our rating: 7/10

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In contrast Natuzzi Armonia takes a more homely approach to the traditional sofa. The chrome metal base provides a simple touch to an overall welcoming design. The furnishing materials available are 200+ options fabric and leather, with the additional option of getting the sofa cushions and padding in fabric, and base paddings and armrests in leather, to help bring a new level of contrast to your living space.

Natuzzi Armonia
Our rating: 9/10

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Lastly, Natuzzi Stan offers a sleek and urban design, perfect for freshening up your living room. The dual function headrest means you can move and tilt your headrest to suit your needs and provide ultimate support. The sofa is also fully reclinable, making it highly adaptable to any space. The sofa also features a compact version, for smaller spaces, but still providing the reclining assets. 200+ furnishings are available in leather and fabric. This sofa is great for bringing in a sleek and comfortable edge to your home.

Natuzzi Stan
Our rating: 7/10

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Choosing the right sofa can be a vital step in the home renovation process, but when you find the best sofa for you, it can make the whole process smoother. If you’re looking for modern and contemporary designs, made with high-end Italian fabric and leather, as well as a close attention to detail and high craftsmanship from exclusive designers, Poliform is best for you. If you want comfortable, practical, and functional reclining sofas with an affordable price range, Natuzzi is a better fit.

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