Best Water Filtration System: Dornbracht vs. Grohe

Water Filtration

Modern day water filtration systems are a must have for any kitchen. Gone are clunky and complicated filtration systems of the past, with brands like Grohe and Dornbracht stepping in, you can get the best water filtration, while still making sure your kitchen looks sleek and well-designed and adds a whole new edge of sophistication and ease.

The Dornbracht Water Filtration System

Dornbracht Water Dispenser is simple and straight-forward. The system is easy to use, simply push the control lever back for cold water, or forwards for hot water (93C). This instant water system uses a laminar jet stream, which guarantees precision and prevents splashing, so when your hot water comes out, you have no risk of any burns. The faucet comes in 5 designs, from C-curved, to L-curved spouts. The tank and cold-water filter are fitted to a unit that can be installed under your sink, saving space while still looking clean and neat. Overall, the Dornbracht Water Dispenser is simple and comfortable to use, while still making sure your kitchen looks sleek and elegant.

Dornbracht Water Dispenser uses a separate faucet to prevent water source contamination

Dornbracht Water Dispenser provides chilled and boiling (93C) water

The Dornbracht Water Dispenser comes in multiple faucet designs, to better fit your kitchen needs.

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The Grohe Water Filtration System

Meanwhile, Grohe Water Filtration provides a larger variety of water filtration option, with Grohe Blue, Grohe Blue Pure, or Grohe Red. Grohe Blue offers chilled still water, chilled half-sparkling water, or chilled full-sparkling water, with a simple twist of the lever. Grohe Blue Pure offers non-chilled still water, perfect for drinking. Grohe Red offers boiling still water. Grohe’s water filtration system can be installed with a classic c-curved or u-curved spout, or with their own tap designs of K7 or Minta. Grohe Blue Duo set up includes two separate tubes leading to one spout, preventing contamination of water sources while still letting you keep a single water source in your kitchen setup. If you want to keep your current spout fitting, Grohe Blue Mono can be added as an additional spout separate to your pre-existing fittings. The Grohe water filtration series fits under sink, and a gas tank for sparkling water can be stored alongside the main water tank.

Grohe Red offers hot drinking water (93C)

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The lever system of Grohe Blue can be twisted to achieve still, half-sparkling, and full-sparkling drinking water

Grohe Blue’s water tanks can be stored under sink, along with the gas tank for sparkling water.

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If you’re looking for a simple set up that provides purely hot and cold drinking water, the Dornbracht Water Dispenser is the best item on the market for you. If you are looking for an integrated approach, with a wider variety of water filtration options, Grohe’s Water Filtration series is the best option.

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