Miele 7000: Innovation for your Kitchen

Founded in 1899, Miele has built a reputation as a reliable appliances manufacturer. Miele uses the newest technological innovations within their products, and ensures that a high level of functionality and design is present in every product.

Miele’s new 7000 series covers 15 separate products groups, with over 353 models of built in appliances produced, from ovens and dishwashers, to microwaves and hobs. Miele’s new series shows off the highest innovations. Appliances now feature Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as touch and voice controls. MotionReact preempts users moves, allowing appliances to switch on automatically and turn on heat when the user approaches.

Miele 7000’s new dishwashers are designed to fit right in with your kitchen aesthetic

Miele 7000 series pyrolytic ovens include an integrated camera to allow users to monitor their food via app, as well as an automatic opening door after cooking program completion to reduce residual heat. The induction hob includes power tracking and LED displays as well as SmartSelect, which allows placement of pans anywhere on the surface with guaranteed full pan heating.

The induction hob uses spot heating, allowing food to be cooked anywhere on the surface.

The Miele 7000 series has four styles of designs to chose from. PureLine follows a modern and contemporary guideline, with a solid handle and usage of stainless steel. VitroLine is a more reserved design, with options of grey, white, or black colour, with an integrated handle in the same colour. ArtLine is minimalistic, with no handle (TouchOpen systems are used), and colour selections in grey, white, or black. ContourLine features a stainless steel frame.

Miele’s 7000 series is considered the biggest appliances release in their 120-year history. The previous 6000 series was a smaller release, aimed to create a cohesive collection that could be paired together within the household. The line also introduced seamless integration to Miele products, to better allow a harmonious fit within your kitchen. With the 7000 series, this idea of cohesion and integration is continued, with more attention to unique designs and innovations.

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