Home Renovation: The Ultimate Guide Part 1

Renovating your home is a very exciting process, but it can also be quite stressful, especially if you don’t know where to begin and what to expect. Here at EuroHomeDirect, we’ve created the ultimate guide to home renovation, to help you better understand and prepare for the process, and to make it as stress-free as possible. We’ve broken down the considerations of home renovation into two simple sections to discuss timeline, budget planning and allocation, and style and preferences. This blog post will talk about figuring out the timeline for your renovation as well as going over how to renovate your living areas, and bathroom.

Renovation can be a time-consuming process, especially if something goes wrong – therefore, it’s better to make sure that you get everything figured out as soon as possible. When purchasing furniture and appliances for your new home, consider your budget and preferences. For example, luxury and imported furniture is a popular choice, as the level of customization it offers allows for a more personal touch when it comes to design. Because of this, many of these brands are made to order and don’t carry stock, unless you are buying display items in showroom, which does not allow you to customize for your specifications. For example, Normann Copenhagen, one of the top contemporary Danish furniture brands, offers high levels of craftsmanship and customization to their products. Most of their furniture items are made to order, and refunds or exchanges are usually not applicable. In the case of Normann Copenhagen and other imported furniture brands we carry, such as Poliform and B&B, it is extremely important to have the correct time expectation (about 3-4 months) when you are shopping for imported furniture. Make sure you keep in touch with your selected brand’s customer service, so you are able to sort out any additional issues or problems as soon as possible, and make sure that you’re able to finish your project within the intended timeline.

Normann Copenhagen Sum Sofa is the ultimate luxury experience, and is highly customizable to best suit your living space.

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Mad Dining Table is one of Poliform’s best selling tables, with a sturdy and classic design.

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When looking for sanitary ware, you must consider the set-up of your home. For instance, built-in or wall-mounted, also known as “concealed” sanitary ware requires your home to have a thicker bathroom wall to accommodate the concealed built-in items. Concealed items can help create a sleeker and more cohesive look to your bathroom. If you decide to go for concealed products, keep in mind that the interior parts will need to be installed first before you can remodel the walls. This may include concealed water tanks, pipes, thermostats, electrical supply, fresh water supply, and other additional parts. It is vital to talk to your designer or your contractor and decide on a configuration for your bathroom and figure out which interior parts need to be ordered and installed, before you move on to the actual installation of your exposed sanitary items. Understanding where interior parts will be installed also requires planning in terms of the layout of your bathroom ahead of time, so as to avoid any issues when it comes to installing the remaining parts of your sanitary ware. If it turns out, after discussion with your contractor, that the walls are not thick enough or there isn’t enough space for concealed showers systems, in-wall faucets, built-in mirror cabinets, or wall-hung toilets, you can also consider exposed sanitary ware. Exposed sanitary ware may not provide as much as an refined look as concealed, but if products are selected carefully, you can still create a sleek and cohesive design in your bathroom. Several brands such as Hansgrohe, Alape, Gessi, and Laufen carry both concealed and exposed basins, toilets, and showers, made with quality materials and modern designs. Axor and Dornbracht provide beautiful and sleek fittings for your bathroom needs, with innovative and contemporary designs. As for mirror cabinets, Emco is the leading brand in mirrors and bathroom accessories. Their signature illuminated mirror cabinets provide ample storage space as well as new technologies allowing for the ultimate bathroom experience.

Hansgrohe Rainfall is a must-have to achieve the ultimate luxury at-home spa experience. The shower system is available concealed, left, and exposed, right.

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Axor provides various faucet solutions. Vaia features an elegant concealed design, whereas IMO is a classic exposed design. (Left: concealed, Right: exposed)

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Our next blog we’ll be posting will be about the heart of the home – the kitchen. We’ll share our tips and tricks on how to best plan your kitchen renovation, as well as some other considerations and final notes about the renovation process.

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