Gessi – Our Favourites

Gessi has long been synonymous with luxury. With over 20 years experience in bathroom design, Gessi has created innovative and beautiful products used all over the world. Their designs are aimed at creating a sense of “well-being” in your bathroom, through use of elegant and unique designs, paired with the newest technologies. At EuroHomeDirect, we’ve compiled our favourite Gessi products to help you decide which one is the best for you to include in your next home renovation product.

Gessi Goccia Collection

The Goccia collection is the most well-known of Gessi’s impressive designs. The water drop faucet is an elegant homage to nature, and provides a unique and contemporary touch to your bathroom. Designed by Prospero Rasulo, the design has won various awards, not only for its design approach but also for its eco-friendly technology, which reduces water consumption by up to 50%. Goccia is available in over 10 different finishings to suit your individual bathroom needs.

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Gessi Inciso Collection

The Inciso collection was designed by David Rockwell, and is based on sharp angles and perfect circles. A solid and simple design, it recalls back to a more functional and architectural style, while still providing a luxurious touch. The whole collection is made in solid brass, with over 10 different finishings to suit your needs, and various accessories are available to help provide an enhanced bathroom experience.

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Gessi Rilievo Collection

Rilievo collection is all about harmony– the geometric inspired design provides a sense of purity and serenity into your bathroom. With options for brushed copper, chrome, matte blacks, and 6 other different furnishings, Rilievo is designed to fit into any bathroom environment, providing touches of balance and luxury.

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Gessi Rettangolo

Rettangolo is one of Gessi’s most popular collections, as it stands out for it’s sharp lines and elegant look. The clean cut edges and minimalistic design allow for a strong range of versatility, and with various finishings, sizes, and features available, this design lends itself to a high level of personalization, making it able to fit into any bathroom design.

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Gessi Anello

The Anello collection provides a distinctive take on the traditional tap designs, with an ergonomic ring shaped handle. Designed to provide a sense of harmony to your bathrooms, the tap is made from sturdy brass, with nearly 10 different finishings. Anello is not only easy to use, but is a wholly unique outlook on traditional tap designs.

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Gessi Hi-Fi

Hi-Fi is Gessi’s newest innovation towards creating a sense of wellness within your bathroom. The thermostatic mixers are based on traditional sound systems, and allow for a elegant way to change temperature and flowrate for your sinks and showers. With over 10 different finishings, Hi-Fi can fit into any bathroom setting, and will help elevate the overall design and functionality of your bathroom space.

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Gessi has been an innovator in bathroom designs for over 20 years, providing many homes with luxurious and modern bathroom products. Gessi aims at creating “wellness” in the home, and their products certainly fulfill this goal.

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