Best Wine Cabinets: Our Picks

Wine fridges are a staple in any contemporary kitchen or living room. Whether you are a wine connoisseur, or just enjoy the occasional bottle, it is important to take careful consideration in selecting your wine cabinets. Vibration, temperature, UV light, humidity, and other outside factors can negatively contribute to the wines’ taste, so selecting a fridge that provides protection for your wine can ensure it stays in top quality and tastes perfect. Properly storing your wine can also be an excellent long term investment, as desirable brands and vintages often appreciate in value overtime. We’ve selected the top brands that provide quality wine cabinets to help you select which brand is best for you.

Gaggenau Wine Cabinets

Gaggenau is known for their award-winning appliances, and their wine cabinets are no exception. With all new innovations and beautiful design, Gaggenau’s wine cabinets are the ultimate luxury addition to any modern kitchen. Their Vario 400 series provides the newest technologies and sleekest designs, with extendable oak and aluminum trays that protect your wine and display them beautifully, to the innovative TFT touch display for easy access and use of controls. The Vario 400 series wine cabinets has a low vibration motor and activated charcoal air filer to protect your wine from outside influences, and 5 LED lighting options allow easy viewing, even through the UV protection smoked glass. Humidity is able to be control and adjusted for three locations in your cabinet, allowing for storage of multiple types of wine.

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Liebherr Wine Cabinets

Liebherr is a specialist in refrigeration technology, so it’s no surprise that their wine cabinets feature some of the most innovative refrigeration technologies and designs. The temperature control is highly consistent, and different zones in your wine cabinet can be set to different temperatures. The door of the cabinet features UV light protection, and the cooling system runs on a low vibration, to help prevent outside interference to your wine. The humidity is easily controlled within the cabinet with easy to use controls to allow for adjustable zones. The design is classic, with either a striking stainless steel, or classic black outer finish. Liebherr presents multiple options for under-counter, integrated, or freestanding wine fridges with various sizes and features to best suit your needs.

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Siemens Wine Cabinets

Siemens provides a wide range of affordable – but still high quality – appliances, including wine cabinets. Their cabinets provide a standard approach with a special focus towards design. With safety glass shelves and touchControl, you have easy access to all of your wine, while still ensuring everything is protected. The LED lighting comes with 5 modes for customizable display, and the wine cabinet also has three temperature zones, so you’re able to store different types of wine at their optimal temperature.

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V-ZUG Wine Cabinets

V-ZUG provides a Swiss’ take on luxury appliances, and has a more modern approach to wine cabinets. Their full integration cabinet features two temperature zones that provide consistent temperature balance as well as humidity control. Their cabinets are also quite spacious, able to hold up to 36 bottles, and the beech wood shelves are adjustable to allow you for ultimate customization for organization of your bottles. The customizable LED lighting has a dimming feature so you can decide how you want to display your wine cabinets, and the UV protected glass ensures no outside factors will influence the quality of your wine. The design of the cabinets is classic, with a large black trim to provide a traditional wine cabinet feel, fit for any wine lover’s household.

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Deciding on which wine fridge is best for you and your house is important, in order to ensure that your wine remains in top quality and is properly displayed for years to come. With so many factors that can effect the taste of your wine, it is vital to pay close attention to features when selecting which cabinet to store and display your beloved wine in is the best for you.

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