Emco Mirror Cabinets – Our Favourites

Illuminated mirrors are a must have for any modern home. At EuroHomeDirect, we offer multiple selections of illuminated mirrors, from number one mirror brand EMCO. EMCO mirrors are the perfect centerpiece to your bathroom, providing a stylish look while being highly functional and innovative.

EMCO Prestige Series Mirror Cabinets

EMCO Prestige mirror features LED lighting around the edge of the mirror in a minimalist mirror cabinet design. The interior features multiple sliding glass shelves to customize your space. The central multi-function column provides backlit compartments for smaller items and a magnetic rail, to store metal accessories. The mirror also houses a wall socket for easy charging of bathroom devices, as well as a Bluetooth speaker system. Changing the lighting of the mirror is easy with a touch sensor that allows you to change brightness (from 100%, 50%, or 25% brightness), as well as colour temperature (from a cool 6000K, to a warm 3000K). Prestige provides great lighting and functional access for a versatile and minimal design piece for your bathroom.

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EMCO Evo Series Mirror Cabinets

EMCO Evo presents a highly contemporary and innovative design. The LED strip lighting can be turned on through touchscreen panel in the cabinet, as well as with a remote control, or through using EMCO’s app. This system also allows you to change the colour temperature from warm (3000K) to cool (5000K) lighting as well as brightness (from 100%, 50%, or 25% brightness). Evo also offers optional heated mirror doors, and ample storage space for the mirror interior. The Evo mirror is available as surface-mounted or flush-mounted, and provides an innovative and fresh mirror for your bathroom layout.

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EMCO Select Series Mirror Cabinets

EMCO Select is a sophisticated design that creates a clean and functional approach to your bathroom. The mirror can be extended an additional 2.4 meters with add on mirrors, allowing ultimate customization to your arrangement. Select features a built in LED cosmetic mirror as well as the vertical LED strip lights, all able to be adjusted through brightness (100%, 50%, or 25% brightness), and colour temperature (3000K for warm, 6000K for cool). The interior of the cabinet features mirrored shelving as well as integrated touch sensor for controls and Bluetooth speaker. The elegant and sophisticated design is highly customizable and provides an individual approach to bathroom set up.

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A stylish and innovative mirror can lighten up your whole bathroom, and with our selection of top brand EMCO mirrors, you can select the best choice to fit your bathroom needs. Find the mirrors mentioned above, and more at EuroHomeDirect.com.