Best Home Office Furniture

2020 has seen the rise of working from home protocols. However, many people have struggled with setting up the perfect home office. Something that is stylish yet professional, and comfortable yet also reliable. Home offices need to be a place that promotes productivity, but it can be difficult finding the correct furniture that can give you a sense of workplace, but still fit within your home design. Here at EuroHomeDirect, we’ve selected our top picks for setting up your home office, that help you remain efficient while looking good.

Normann Copenhagen provides stylish and modern arrangements for any home office, and follows a Scandinavian style which emphasizes ergonomical design. Their Journal Desk gives a sense of lightness and minimal design. With a steel frame and drawer, as well as neutral coloured laminate tops, the inviting design doesn’t take up too much space in your home, but is still suitable for any office desires. An integrated cord grommet in the center of the table allows for easy cord access that doesn’t clutter your desk, and the thin legs of the desk allow for under-desk storage.

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Hyg Swivel Chair provides ultimate comfort while still looking stylish. With a polypropylene shell and aluminum legs, the chair is highly customizable, with various options for upholstery including leather and fabric to best suit your layout. The design curves in on your body, giving a sense of security, and maintaining a contemporary design.

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Grant Table Lamp is a modern design that brings balance to your home office. The tiltable light shade can be adjusted through a dimmer, to provide a softer ambient light, or a brighter reading light. With a sturdy granite base and slender steel arm and lampshade, the design is the perfect addition to complement the Journal desk and Hyg Swivel chair, and provides the ultimate home office set up.

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Poliform is known for their quality timeless designs. The Home Hotel series is no exception. The sturdy desk features minimal lines and clean design. Made from solid wood with an interlocking pattern, the Home Hotel provides a more masculine yet still inviting touch to your home office.

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Stanford Bridge chair pairs perfectly with the Home Hotel desk. With an elegant and modern design, the swivel base chair is made out of molded flexible polyurethane and die-cast aluminum. With options of a leather or fabric upholstery, as well as open or complete arm rests, the customizable chair allows versatility in it’s environment, to best suit you and your design needs.

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Bristol Bookshelf is the ultimate display bookcase. Light and simple lines allow for plenty of space, to place books, files, and other display objects. The aluminum metal and wood veneer set up gives a sense of modernity in your workspace, while still being highly functional. Combined with Home Hotel desk and Stanford Bridge chair, the bookshelf helps to complete the ideal working environment to ensure you are comfortable yet productive, when working from home.

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B&B Italia provides modern solutions to help give a cohesive and contemporary look into your household. Their Sidus writing desk is one such example, featuring a beautifully designed brushed oak desk, with over 36 variants in colour and style available. The curved over edges of the table give a uniquely delicate touch, and thick leather top and cord grommet help to highlight the functionality of the design.

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Caratos Chair is a modern approach to more traditional chair styles. Featuring leather upholstery around a polypropylene shell, with an aluminium alloy frame, the chair gives an idea of sophistication and luxury. With over 700 variants available for the chair’s final design, it is highly versatile to best fit in with your home workspace desires.

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Abat-Jour Table Lamp brings the finishing touch to your home office set up. The ceramic base and black glass lampshade with chrome details is a classic design, suited for any space. The strong personality of the design ensures that it will be a beautiful accent for your work area, without overtaking the rest of the design elements.

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Setting up a home office is vital to ensuring productivity while at home, and with our selections, you can be assured that you will not only be organized and efficient, but your home will still look good and be comfortable.

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