What to Consider When Choosing a New Bathroom Suite

When selecting the right sanitary products for your bathroom, there are a number of things to consider – the biggest of which is how you want to achieve a style that will work with the rest of your home design. For instance, built-in or wall-mounted fixtures, also known as “concealed” sanitary ware, requires your home to have a thicker bathroom wall to accommodate the concealed built-in items. Exposed or free-standing sanitary ware doesn’t require any additional thickness of the wall to accommodate the installation, however it does take up more space in your bathroom and does not look as sleek as concealed products would.

If you go for concealed products, keep in mind that the interior parts will need to be installed first before you can remodel the walls. This may include concealed water cisterns, pipes, thermostats, electrical modules, freshwater supplies, and more. It is vital to talk to your designer or contractor and decide on a configuration for your bathroom. Once you’ve decided on a configuration, you can figure out which interior parts need to be ordered and installed before you move on to the actual installation of the visible sanitary fixtures. Understanding where interior parts will be installed also requires careful planning in terms of the layout of your bathroom ahead of time, so as to avoid any issues when it comes to installing the remaining parts of your sanitary ware.

If it turns out, after discussion with your contractor, that the walls are not thick enough or there isn’t enough space for concealed shower systems, in-wall faucets, built-in mirror cabinets, or wall-hung toilets, you can also consider exposed sanitary ware. Exposed sanitary ware may not provide as much as a refined look as concealed, but if products are selected carefully, you can still create a sleek and cohesive design in your bathroom.

Several brands offer both concealed and exposed products, each made with quality materials and modern designs. Axor, a sub-brand of Hansgrohe, is known for its luxury line of products, which incorporate beautiful design with the newest innovations. Axor products pair well with Duravit, with their elegant designs and use of quality materials. Dornbracht is also at the forefront of innovative bathroom products, with their designs often focusing on creating at-home spa experiences that bring a touch of relaxation to your day.

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As for bathroom accessories and mirrors, Emco is often at the forefront. With a focus on functionality and exclusive craftmanship, Emco ensures that your bathroom can be both practical and beautiful. Their mirrors are known for being especially innovative, through the use of LED lights that can adjust colour temperature from warm to cold, and the ability to play music via a Bluetooth connection. Emco mirror cabinets also provide ample storage space through illuminated compartments which can bring a sense of elegance to your bathroom experience.

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Smart Toilets are on the rise as well, due to their increased levels of comfort and hygiene. They are often widely regarded as being more environmentally friendly with lower levels of water consumption. Brands that offer smart toilets include Villeroy & Boch, Duravit, and Geberit. Villeroy & Boch, first established in 1748, takes classical designs and invigorates them with modern materials and innovations, which has ensured both the longevity of the brand and the products themselves. Duravit’s Smart Toilets also incorporates much of the same elements as their basins, with exquisite designs that help create a relaxing bathroom environment. Lastly, Geberit is known for its state-of-the-art bathroom designs that factor in both sustainability and style, making them a great choice for modern bathrooms.

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While renovating your bathroom may seem like a big task, with close attention to details and good planning, it can provide a very rewarding result. With our current sale on sanitary bundles here at EuroHomeDirect, we can help ease the process of product selection and provide a great insight into which products might fit you the best.

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