Chinese New Year Furniture Trends

With the approaching Chinese New Year, it gives us a great time to look to the future.
The ox is known for its determination and patience – something of which we are all becoming familiar with, after the trials and tribulations of the past year. These characteristics are something to bring with us in the future, and what better way to remind us of the ox’s desire to make progress and keep faith, then giving your home a fresh start. We’ve compiled a list of upcoming furniture trends as a guide for how best to redecorate your home.


Wood is one of the most beautiful materials to be used in furniture design. With different grains, veins, and cuts, each piece is unique. Many traditional Chinese furniture is made from wood, due to its relation with the elements, and its beauty and versatility. Wood is not only a popular furniture option in Chinese culture, but it is also a centerpiece in Scandinavian design.

Normann Copenhagen is at the forefront of Scandinavian design, known for its classic designs with a modern twist. Their Slice Table showcases an elegant design, highlighted by the variations in grain of the wood used. Made from beautiful oak, Slice is centered around details, from a tapered leg, to a solid and smooth top. Available in benches, coffee tables, and dining tables, Slice is a perfect addition to any household.

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Another upcoming trend is that of rounded furniture designs. With a focus on soft contours and silhouettes, rounded furniture provides a more homely and welcoming touch to our houses. Rounded furniture also helps the flow of energy in your home, and reminisces of water. This invites Chi into your home and keeps a level of harmony. The curves in the furniture can also allow for a more all-encompassing overall design of your home, and provides a new sense of versatility with other furniture selections.

Poliform is a leader in furniture design, with their innovative approach to giving classic designs a breath of fresh air, helping to bring that touch of timelessness into your home. Inspired by smooth lines and asymmetry, the Mad King Chair is a perfect addition to any home. With a tall back, and an optional wooden tray, the rounded design creates a great statement that will be sure to impress your guests.

Photo credits: Poliform

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Red is a popular colour to include in any Chinese home, whether you’re going for a more traditional or more modern look. The colour is believed to symbolize a happy household, and attract good luck, so introducing a bold colour like red in your home also allows for a statement. It creates a stylish and vibrant touch, and brings a refreshing edge to any house.

Molteni & C is known for their effortless furniture designs, particularly their sofas, and usage of various materials and finishing’s for ultimate customisation. Their sofa series Chelsea is one of their most popular – designed around the concept of comfort, the Chelsea sofa is highlighted by its curved backrest that allows for an elegant and embracing design. The Chelsea sofa can also be paired with the Chelsea armchair and Chelsea bench to create a complete set, perfect for setting up a cozy corner in any living area. The selection of a velvet red creates a unique and beautiful element into your home and highlights the detail-oriented design of the Chelsea sofa.

Photo credits: Molteni & C

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Our final trend is minimalistic designs. With the current trend of working at home, it is easy to let your house get cluttered. Minimalistic designs help to alleviate this issue, by establishing clean lines and silhouettes in your household that encourage a minimal environment.

Although we’ve already mentioned Normann Copenhagen, they are worth mentioning again, with their roots in Scandinavian design lending to minimalism. Their My Chair takes a classic design and brings it fresh life. With a simplified shape with gentle curves, the chair is designed for ultimate balance. The versatile design means that My Chair can be placed anywhere, and the unobtrusive design allows for it to be the perfect addition to any setting.

View Normann Copenhagen My Chair

By including these furniture trends in your household, it allows for the perfect opportunity to refresh your home, as well as inspire your guests for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. The Year of the Ox is sure to be a year where we all channel our sense of determination and work together to make sure this year is better than the last.

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