Smeg Fridge Freezer 153x60cm FAB28RSV5

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Product Features
• New energy rating. Energy rating bands have recently been re-scaled and revert to a simple A-G scaling, with no plusses. This product would have been rated A+++ on the previous energy rating scale. Although re-scaled, this product is still just as energy efficient.
• Iconic details. The FAB28 coloured refrigerators have become a cult object of style and creativity. They have recently been renewed with enriched interiors and unmistakable refined details. Rounded curves and chrome details perfectly coordinate the interior and exterior door of the refrigerator.
• INSTALLATION. When positioning these appliances adjacent to a wall or kitchen unit a gap of 175mm must be left on the hinged side of the product to allow the door to open.
• LED lighting. Bright LED light strips have been applied to both sides of the fridge to provide optimal illumination and total visibility of the interior. These are more energy efficient and longer lasting than traditional bulbs.
• Electronic temperature control. The side thermostat allows you to adjust and monitor the internal temperature electronically or manually.
• Multiflow cooling system. It distributes cold air evenly throughout the refrigerator ensuring ideal temperature and humidity for ideal food storage.
• LifePlus 0°C drawer. A controlled temperature zone (-2°C +3°C) designed for a better and longer preservation of perishable food such as fish, cheese and meat.
• Elegant chrome finishes. The profiles of the balconies and glass shelves feature bright chrome finishes with a retro design.
• Fruit and vegetable drawer. This drawer features a perforated panel which can be adjusted to customise the compartment’s level of ventilation and humidity

Dimensions: Height 153 cm, Width 60 cm, Depth 73 cm

Product Specification
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EuroHomeDirect offers the Smeg Fridge Freezer 153x60cm FAB28RSV5 directly from Europe. We only sell brand new and genuine products pre-packaged by the manufacturer with parts warranty.

Buying the Smeg Fridge Freezer 153x60cm FAB28RSV5 in Hong Kong, Singapore and Worldwide

EuroHomeDirect sells the Smeg Fridge Freezer 153x60cm FAB28RSV5 to Hong Kong, Singapore and worldwide with free shipping to Hong Kong and Singapore for selected orders. We only ship with the most reputable courier partners – DHL, Fedex, and CH Robinson and others to ensure your order will arrive safely on time when you purchase from us.

How can we offer the Smeg Fridge Freezer 153x60cm FAB28RSV5 at such a great price in Hong Kong, Singapore and Worldwide?

We offer the Smeg Fridge Freezer 153x60cm FAB28RSV5 for a greatly reduced price compared to the local prices in Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries because we ship directly from Europe at wholesale price with best price guarantee. We are able to supply top European appliances at the most competitive prices to local consumers because no distributors or dealers are involved in the process.

Smeg Fridge Freezer 153x60cm FAB28RSV5 Compatibility & Warranty

All Appliances sold by us are compatible with Hong Kong & Singaporean standards without any modification. Our electric appliances are manufactured to operate under 220-240V with UK style power plug (type G). For all other markets with different standards, you may need to use a voltage converter and/or an adapter. All Appliances appliances sold come with up to 3-year parts warranty. You can read more about Compatibility and Warranty in our FAQ Page. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions about the Smeg Fridge Freezer 153x60cm FAB28RSV5 or other appliances.

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