Best Luxury Ovens: Miele vs. Gaggenau

Our top picks for the highest quality ovens you can buy right now

The world of home renovation can be quite confusing when it comes down to deciding which product is best for you and your house. Sometimes it feels like there are too many products to choose from, and navigating web pages and reviews for each product can make you feel rundown and confused. We’ve decided to do the homework for you, and have compiled our top picks for ovens from our two favourite appliance brands, Miele and Gaggenau. We’ve narrowed down the best standard oven, steam oven, and microwave oven from both brands, and pit them against each other to help you decide which product will be the best pick for you and your house.


The Miele H 6461 BP Wall Oven is one of the highest rated ovens available at Miele. The H 6461 BP Wall Oven features Moisture Plus, a technology that is key to Miele’s oven, that prevents oven cooked food from drying out. The system contains 60+ automatic recipe programs, that allow you to ensure that your meal is cooked to the perfect temperature, without having to fidget around with settings for too long. As for safety measures, the H 6461 BP Wall Oven cooks with residual heat, ensuring that the oven does not overheat – and if you leave it on for too long, an automatic turn off system is programmed in as well.

The oven features five shelves, uses 220-240 voltage, and receives an energy score rating of A. Last, but not least, much like many Miele products, the H 6461 BP Wall Oven has a PerfectClean Finish, which uses catalytic enamel panels that self-clean after each use. This oven is great for families and amateur chefs, looking to step into the world of ovens, but not looking for anything too complicated.

Miele H 6461 BP Wall Oven
Our rating: 7.5/10

Gaggenau is known for their top quality products, and their BO470101 Oven hits the mark on anything you could wish for in an oven. The modern exterior finish is highlighted by its sleek automatic door opening system and touch screen capabilities. The interior has multiple high wattage halogen lights, and 4 shelves, and aa heated catalyzer means that the air inside the oven helps create a vacuum for faster cooking time, and more even cooking.

The system has 100+ automatic recipe programs, including customizable programming, allowing you to edit your perfect cooking program for those favourite meals. The highly advanced fully automatic pyrolytic system allows easy cleaning, and prevents grease and food residue build up on the interior of the oven. Thermal insulation with quadruple glazing helps prevent heat from leaving the oven, and automatic safety shut off allows you a better state of mind when preparing your meals. The oven runs at 220-240 voltage, and receives an energy efficiency rating of A. The Gaggenau BO470101 Oven is perfect for those who want to spend more time in the kitchen, and want to bring a sleek and modern edge to their dinner parties.

Gaggenau BO470101 Oven
Our rating: 9/10

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Combi-Steam Ovens

With Combi-Steam Ovens rising in popularity, the DGC 6865 Steam Combination Oven is another great choice from Miele. The system features MultiSteam, which enables even steam distribution, and a wireless food probe prevents under, or over cooking, meaning your food comes out perfectly moist and well-cooked. Like the H 6461 BP Wall Oven, this oven also features PerfectClean Finish, allowing for less frequent and easy cleaning of the oven. The DGC 6865 Steam Combination Oven has over 10 cooking methods, including Sous Vide cooking programs, and customizable preferences.

The interior of the oven includes 3 shelves, and a water container, which can be connected to your water main for easy water supply without refilling. As for safety, the oven uses 220-240 voltage, and has an energy efficiency rating of A. A cooling system is also implemented to prevent burns and automatic turn off is also included. If you’re looking to expand your cooking portfolio, the Miele DGC 6865 Steam Combination Oven is a great starting point.

Miele DGC 6865 Steam Combination Oven
Our rating: 8/10

If you want to add a bit more personalization to your cooking, the BS484111 Combi-Steam Oven is a perfect addition to your kitchen. As well as 100+ cooking programs presets, you can add your own individual recipes. With each program you are able to choose your own humidity level from 5 presets as well as include Sous Vide cooking and a full surface grill of 2000 Watts. The BS484111 Combi-Steam Oven features cooled temperature protection on the exterior, and thermal insulation on the interior, preventing heat spread and burns.

The interior has 4 trays and a removable water filter, which allows easy cleaning of your oven, as well as the preinstalled fixed inlet and outlet water connection, that can be set up to your houses water mains. An automatic cleaning and descaling programme as well as pyrolytic cleaning is also a major feature, and the oven uses 220-240 volts, and receives an energy efficiency rating of A. If you cook a lot, and love to impress dinner guests, the BS484111 Combi-Steam Oven is a great choice.

Gaggenau BS484111 Combi-Steam Oven
Our rating: 10/10

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Microwave Ovens

Microwave Ovens are becoming more popular in urban areas, and Miele has achieved near perfection with their H 6800 BMX Microwave Combination Oven. This oven saves up to 30% cooking time, and features 114 different cooking methods, each using electronic temperature control and a wireless food probe, so you can be assured your food is also cooked perfectly.

The H 6800 BMX Microwave Combination Oven features PerfectClean to prevent sticky food residue, and contains an automatic cooling system, so your food (or you) doesn’t burn. The oven receives an energy efficiency rating of A and runs at 230 volts. Oh, and it also has a special popcorn button, making this the perfect oven for entertaining guests or families.

Miele H 6800 BMX Microwave Combination Oven
Our rating: 8/10

Our final oven on this list is another favourite from Gaggenau, and is one of their most popular products on their site. The BM450110 has 20+ heating methods, going above and beyond any other microwave oven. With Innowave technology, you are able to customize your cooking to minute details and achieve perfect cooking down to the last second. 4 tray levels and rapid heating means lots of cooking, really fast, but cooled housing with temperature protection and thermal insulation with triple glazing means that its still just as safe as ever.

The oven runs at 220-240 volts, and has an energy efficiency rating of a, and features catalytic coating, so food and grease don’t stick, and you spend as little time cleaning as possible. The BM450110 uses cutting edge technology that no other microwave oven has, and is the best product for the best meals.

Gaggenau BM450110
Our rating: 8.5/10

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