Be Bold With Black

Deciding on a design inspiration is one of the most important steps in the renovation process – without having a clear idea, it can be difficult to select products and create a cohesive look. If you’re stuck and not sure what to go with – go bold with black! Black is sleek, contemporary, and allows for the most versatility in selecting products. Here at EuroHomeDirect, we’ve compiled our favourite black themed products to help spark some inspiration for your own renovations.

Gaggenau’s 200 series is one of the most innovative kitchen product lines to date. The standout of this line is their combi-steam ovens. The Gaggenau 200 Combi-Steam Oven accommodates a multi-functional style of cooking, with the ability to steam, grill, bake, sous-vide, and more. With an automatic cleaning system allowing for more time cooking and less time cleaning, as well as various safety features, such as temperature protection to prevent burns when handling the oven, the Gaggenau 200 series combi-steam oven is as innovative as it is sleek. The black design sits flush against your other kitchen furniture and appliances, allowing for a cohesive and classic kitchen look. With stainless steel accents, the Gaggenau 200 series products will provide a sense of luxury in your kitchen.

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Siemens is known for their practical and stylish kitchen appliance designs and their iQ700 Side-by-side Fridge Freezer is no exception. With a stand-out black design, iQ700 Side-by-side Fridge Freezer is imbued with newest technologies. With a hyperFresh plus box to keep your fruit and vegetables fresher than ever, to noFrost technology that prevents icing and freeze-burn of food, allowing for easier and safer defrosting, the iQ700 Side-by-side Fridge Freezer is as innovative as it is stylish. With the gloss black doors, it is ensured that the iQ700 Side-by-side Fridge Freezer will be a standout in your kitchen.

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Liebherr is most well known for their innovative fridge and freezer designs. Their wine fridges are some of the best on the market, and the WTb 4212 Vinothek Wine Fridge is a testament to their excellent technological capabilities in this field. The free-standing wine fridge has a capacity of 200 bottles and with multi-temperature zone technology, you can select up to 6 different temperature storing zones, allowing for optimal storage temperatures required for different wines. Low vibration storage, UV protected glass doors, and activated charcoal filtration ensure that no outside interference will effect the taste of your wine. With a large glass door allowing for perfect display, and black exterior design, the WTb 4212 Vinothek Wine Fridge is perfect for providing a luxurious touch to your home.

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Dornbracht provides beautiful solutions for your bathroom, with bold designs and technologies to provide an at-home space experience. The Deque series creates a contrast to traditional faucet design. The geometric design is inspired by waterfalls, with a wide, flat outlet made to be low set on your basin, allowing for the presentation of the water to be the star of the show. With a matte black design, Deque makes a statement that is both delicate yet striking.

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Hansgrohe is at the forefront of world-class sanitary ware brands, with a focus on creating innovative and luxurious bathroom products. The Rainmaker series is designed to help create a new shower and spa experience. The large rain shower provides a spa-like touch to your daily routine, with three jet types, Rain XL, Mono, and RainFlow, to best customize the experience to your needs. The black finish provides a sophisticated touch and helps to fully transform your bathroom experience into an at-home spa.

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Normann Copenhagen creates modern and luxurious furniture designs that help to serve as the finishing touch in your renovation. Their Ace series is designed to be elegant and modern. With an angled design that mirrors traditional chair designs, Ace provides ultimate relaxation with veneer and molded PU foam and steel reinforcements for a sturdy yet delicate design. The organic shape of the chair provides a welcoming touch, and combined with the black finishing, the chair provides a statement of relaxation to your home.

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Normann Copenhagen’s Union Series is also a stand-out. Union provides a classic approach to table design. The minimalist design helps create a sense of space, with the clean lines and thin tabletop and legs providing an airy nature. The particle board and nano-coated laminate help prevent scratches or marks and create a fingerprint free surface, allowing a clean and timeless look. The Union Series table legs are made with powder-coated steel, as well as brass finishing to provide a luxurious touch. The black design of this table creates a minimalist look that is versatile for any home setting.

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Poliform has been creating luxury furniture designs that combine traditional and contemporary designs. Their Shangai Sofa is a highlight of their collections, with a modern and geometric style. The welcoming design is highlighted by the low-set nature and large arms of the sofa, helping to create a sense of luxury with sophistication. The polyester and polyurethane foam padding provides the ultimate comfort, and a polished aluminum base creates a sturdy base for the design. With black furnishings, the Shangai Sofa is the ultimate selection for comfortable and stylish home with emphasis on black.

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Coming up with inspiration for your home renovation is a difficult task, but through selecting black-themed items, you are able to create a bold and modern home look. EuroHomeDirect® provides various products to help make your dream home a reality. Check out the products mentioned in this blog, and more, at

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