5 Handy Appliances to Make Summer Cooking a Breeze

Summer is a time for relaxation and spending time with family and friends – usually in the company of good food and drink. Some of the best memories can be made in the comfort of your own home, where you invite loved ones over for meals or happy hour drinks. However, we know this could be easier said than done for some – not everyone is a natural-born chef!

In this article, our team has compiled a list of the best appliances and brand ideas that will make your summer cooking (and drink hosting) ventures a breeze regardless of your kitchen expertise. By having these types of handy appliances in your kitchen, you can be assured that all of your summer gatherings will be a success without breaking a sweat.

1. Best Refrigerators

All the best cooking starts from having the freshest products, which is why storing them in a dependable fridge is of utmost importance. Many undervalue the importance of a quality fridge, where they think that picking any old model that keeps your food and beverages cold will do. We know that this is not the case. Fridges now come available with a host of handy features that make your food storage more efficient and practical. When selecting the best fridge for your kitchen, you should consider the following points:

  • Separate Compartments: It is a nightmare opening your fridge door and finding all your items in a messy, disorganised heap. Find a fridge that has spacious, designated compartments so you can save time storing and searching for your food. The Bosch KIF86PFEO uses innovative design features such as 3 adjustable glass shelves, 2 door trays with a dairy compartment, a Deli Drawer using VitaFresh humidity control to keep fruits and vegetables fresh, 3 transparent freezer drawers including 1 BigBox, and a dedicated Freezer section with egg trays and ice cube trays, making sorting out all your different food types a breeze.
  • Find a model that emphasises innovative technology that improves its energy efficiency. You can do this by checking the appliance’s labels and ratings. Most of our refrigerators on EuroHomeDirect are not only packaged with modern technology, but also have high energy grading or rating such as “A”. Liebherr is one such brand that combines energy efficiency with a host of innovative features in their refrigerators.
  • Built-In Features: Many modern fridges now offer a variety of built-in features, such as water and ice dispensers, internal water filters, super freezing functions, and BioFresh technology to keep food fresher for longer. Miele refrigerators incorporate a MasterFresh feature that regulate their storage compartments and their respective humidity and temperature levels, ensuring that each type of food stored in their individual compartments are kept in top-quality condition with airtight closures. The Liebherr ICNe5133 integrates EasyFresh-Safe, a NoFrost freezer to deter excess freezing and need to defrost, and DuoCooling between the fridge and freezer to prevent food from drying out or transferring odours between compartments. If you are looking for something with even more advanced technologies and storing conditions, the Liebherr  CBNes6256 integrates BioFresh maximizes the vitamin content of your produce by keeping them in a high humidity environment and a temperature slightly above freezing. On the contrary, meat with exquisite taste thrives in a dry climate and is best stored in the Meat & Dairy safe. For an extended shelf life of fish and seafood, maintain a chilly temperature of -2 °C in the Fish & Seafood safe provided by Liebherr.
biofresh plus fridge compartment

 2. Best Microwave-Combi

Microwave combi ovens are practically a household necessity, especially for busy families or individuals who need to save on time by quickly heating up meals. They are known for their efficiency, ease of use, and durability. The best microwave combi appliances are those with diverse functions that allow you to:
  • Customise the way certain food is warmed up to preserve and elevate its taste
  • Easily defrost food
  • Integrate different heating methods such as hot air cooking, baking, grilling, and keep warm
  • Use a range of different microwave power levels

Bosch and Gaggenau have a selection of innovative built-in microwave combi ovens that can comply with the above factors, making your microwave experience that much more complete.

The Bosch - Serie | 8 Built-in Compact Oven With Microwave CMG676BS6B comes with technologies that will make your kitchen experience a breeze. For instance, the microwave function is ideal for rapid heating or fast cooking with combined 4D hot air that ensures even distribution of heat for flawless outcomes. It can also automatically select the optimal heat type, temperature, and duration for a diverse range of dishes.

bosch oven

The Gaggenau - 400 Series Combi-microwave BM455100 has Microwave operation with 5 output levels of 1000, 600, 360, 180, 90 W. It also comes with 15 automatic programmes with weight indication, customisable: 4 defrosting programmes, 4 cooking programmes 7 combination programmes. The state of the art technologies packed in this oven is unparalleled to any other microwave combi in the market.

3. Best Wine Fridges
If you are planning on having people over for drinks, one should never underestimate the difference a good wine fridge will make to their range of home kitchen appliances. Although wine cabinets are indeed a luxury item, investing in one for your home will undoubtedly impress all of your guests, both in terms of its sleek look and how it perfectly preserves the taste of your wine. When seeking a wine fridge addition for your house, the best models will utilise:
  • Innovative technologies for customisation and organisation
  • Multiple temperature zones dedicated for storage of numerous types of wine
  • Different LED lighting options for easy viewing and showcase
  • Spacious cabinets with sleek design

Gaggenau 200 or 400 Series Vario wine cooler are amongst some of the best luxury wine fridges on the market, featuring intelligent technology such as electronic temperature and humidity control, dual zone controllable climate zones, dimmable and automatic lights, touch keys, as well as dynamic cold air distribution, automatic defrosting, and a cushioned door closing system. An activated charcoal air filter also ensures the air circulating within the fridge stays clean and fresh whilst eliminating any unpleasant odours. As in line with the brand’s luxurious range of appliances, Gaggenau’s wine fridges incorporate sleek, stylish designs that clearly showcase all your wine bottles, and can easily be built-in to match your existing interior design.

gaggenau wine cabinet

Liebherr’s EWTdf 3553 Vinidor is another wine cabinet that boasts a bevy of innovative functions, including multi-temperature controls, a dimmable LED light, a touch-control LCD display, and a FreshAir activated charcoal filter. This appliance also features 3 wine safes that can simultaneously keep different types of wine at their optimum temperatures, and ensure the perfect climate for long-term storage.

liebherr wine cabinet

4. Best Ovens
Many people shy away from using an oven, as these appliances are usually seen as utilised by professionals for complicated recipes. However, ovens should be a staple in your kitchen particularly if you are not accustomed to cooking, as they contain a multitude of functions that make all your kitchen processes easier, while promising fresh, authentic-tasting dishes that you can share with your loved ones. When searching for the best oven, search for high-quality models with features such as:
  • Various cooking functions such as baking, cooking, or roasting
  • Temperature controls for pre-heating, keeping warm, crisping etc.
  • User-friendly convenience such as clear displays and smart home integration
  • High energy efficiency ratings
  • Easy to clean, or even self-cleaning
  • Safety features including locks, safety switch-off, and cooling systems

The Miele H 7260 BP engages pyrolytic cleaning technology, automatic self-cleaning of the cooking compartment at high temperatures to eliminate the need for extensive manual care and cleanup. It also utilises stainless steel for a protected, clean surface, and an airclean catalyser to reduce cooking odours. Miele’s products are also known for their sustainability, where almost all their appliances are energy efficiency class A+.

miele oven

The V-ZUG Combair V6000 60 also has pyrolytic self-cleaning abilities, with a bounty of cooking functions such as Soft-Roasting,

v-zug oven

For the most luxurious options, Gaggenau ovens add sophistication and practicality into any kitchen, crafted from the finest materials and featuring a three-point core temperature probe that accurately pinpoints temperatures for the best estimated cooking times. The Gaggenau 400 series will delight professional chefs and beginner cooks alike, featuring user-friendly rotary knobs, touch screen display, a handleless door, and Home Connect abilities for remote monitoring and control.

gaggenau oven

5. Best Dishwashers
Finally, every cook in the kitchen needs a means to keep all their dishes and utensils clean, especially if many guests are being invited over. This makes a dishwasher an essential part for your kitchen, providing the best way to get a multitude of cooking equipment spotless in no time, without you having to stress the small stuff – so you can spend more time focusing on your loved ones and guests.

Some great options include V-ZUG’s selection of built-in dishwashers. They can be fully integrated neatly into your kitchen, complete with LCD display, touch controls, and a range of impressive dishwasher features such as a patented SteamFinish program that utilises gentle steaming during the drying cycle, making for drier dishes, cleaner cutlery, and stainless glasses. The brand also adopts a minimalist, clean-lined aesthetic throughout, so all their dishwashers’ baskets, rows, and surfaces look elegant whilst providing ultimate practicality via spaciousness, folding mechanisms, and click-in and click-out solutions.      

v-zug dishwasher

For a fully-integrated dishwasher solution, the Siemens SN87Y801BE features 8 programmes at various temperatures, with a default Pre-Rinse favourite programme. It also includes 5 special options such as Shine & Dry, Hygiene Plus, Speed on Demand, Remote Start, and IntensiveZone for a range of washing preferences, including Silence on Demand via the app to ensure a pleasant washing experience. Innovative features and technology include an automatic detergent-aware system and dispenser, Zeolith energy-efficient drying, AquaMix glass protection system, and an iQDrive motor.

The Bosch SMD8YCX02G is another fully-integrated dishwasher that has various programmes, temperatures, and special options such as Hygiene+ and SpeedPerfect+, as well as innovative technologies like Zeolith, DosageAssist detergent dispenser, Extra Clean Zone, and EfficientDry and Heat Exchanger, along with a self-cleaning filter system and AquaStop, which is Bosch’s warranty in case of water damage.  

Discover the Best Kitchen Appliances
Now that you know which appliances can make a true difference to the efficiency of your kitchen, you can start selecting products that will keep your family, your guests, and yourself happy. Explore more of our kitchen appliances and brands now, and get ready for an easy, breezy summer!


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