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Miele Oven

Miele built-in oven has the Wireless food probe feature – A countdown indicator tells you exactly when the meat, fish or poultry will be ready. For extraordinary food preparation methods: Miele offers a variety of special programmes such as drying fruit. Conjuring up over 100 dishes with ease: whether it is bread, cakes or meat – everything is cooked automatically.

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Miele Cooktop

Miele’s induction hobs are versatile and flexible. Large cookware can also be heated quickly and easily. It offers Safety switch-off and Overheating protection and fault monitoring. If a zone has been operating on the same power level for an unusually long time or in the case of extreme heat, it switches off automatically.

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Miele Warming Drawer

Miele Warming Drawer could warms cups and plates, keeps food warm or cooks at low temperatures. All built-in food warming drawers feature a 4-hour timer which switches off automatically. The warming drawer also provide touch controls, programme selection is via a flush touch panel which is easy to clean.

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Miele Cooker Hood

Achieving optimum extraction of kitchen vapours and odours – while also saving energy: Miele Cooker Hoods were featured with Con@ctivity 2.0 gathers information from the hob and transmits it to the controls in the cooker hood to automatically select the correct fan setting to ensure the optimum room microclimate at all times.

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Miele Dishwasher

Equipped with QuickPowerWash, excellent cleaning and drying results for normally soiled crockery can be attained in just 58 minutes. Miele dishwasher is also highly economical and efficient.With Miele’s state-of-art Knock2open technology, the appliance can integrate perfectly into handleless kitchens; the door opens automatically when tapped.

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Miele Coffee Machine

Miele’s AromaticSystem technology in the brew chamber mixes coffee and water perfectly.Miele’s coffee machines also integrated with CupSensor, which recognises the cup rim and alters the position of the central spout accordingly so you’ll never spill your favourite coffee. After making special coffee with milk, the milk pipework is cleaned automatically.

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Miele Fridge & Freezer

Fresh for up to 3x longer: Miele’s fridge is the perfect storage temperature for fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and dairy products. With MasterCool – MasterFresh, any food can be stored in ideal micro-climates in the moisture-regulated drawers. Miele's dynamic cooling system create uniform distribution of temperature: a ventilator ensures excellent circulation and distribution of cold air.

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Miele Wine Fridge

Miele wine units are fitted with up to three temperature zones which can be controlled separately. Up to three different types of wine such as red wine, white wine, champagne or sparkling wine, can be stored at the same time and under perfect conditions. Also with detachable individual slats, large wine bottles are easy to store.

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